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About MyWorld company

The company came to the market in 2003 and started in three countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Austria). During that time, it has grown to cover 56 countries. The priority is transparency and the pursuit of satisfaction on all sides.

WIN-WIN-WIN principle

MyWorld's goal is satisfaction on all sides. That is why MyWorld also applies the WIN-WIN-WIN principle. What does it mean?

  • The customer gets the money back from the purchase
  • The merchant / partner has more regular customers and higher sales .
  • MyWorld supports foundations Child and family and Greenfinity

By cooperating with multinational companies and chains, as well as supporting sports clubs, we also help small and medium-sized businesses.
So with every purchase you support a good thing, because together we are stronger!


Which way will I get cashback?

Payment by original vouchers or e-vouchers (selected partners only), proof of cashback card (plastic / paper / electronic) or online purchase by clicking from the Cashback App or the website.


When will I get the money?

As soon as there is € 10 or more in your payout account, you will receive a message in the middle of the week and at the end of the week you have money in your bank account.


Where can I use it?

In addition to thousands of online partners such as,, or GearBest, you can also benefit from Cashback World with offline partners in 56 countries around the world (and new countries are on the rise). Whether it's MotoGP or football clubs, gas station networks, car dealerships, but also food, drugstores, energy.


Also in USA 🇺🇸 ?

Of course! There are a huge number of partners in United States! Uber, Uber Eats, Walmart, GAP, Skype, American Airlines, Yankee Candle, Disney and more than 2700 others!


Where can I get a list of partners?

In the cashback app as well as on the web.


Can I register other members?

Yes of course. You can find the invitation link in the Cashback App as well as on the website. You can also become a marketer and build a network of customers around the world. Contact me and we will tell you about next steps.

We choose from our partners ...

We have thousands of partners and more than 140,000 online and offline acceptance points worldwide! This allows you to save anywhere, anytime!

Register and profit!

Don't hesitate and register today! Earn money from your purchases and other benefits!

Contact me

If you need advice on shopping through MyWorld, or would like more information on how to become a MyWorld marketer and secure a long-term passive income, contact me anytime.


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